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Fund Name   Description
Community Impact (Undesignated)
DeKalb County Community Endowment Fund Donate Established in 1993 by Charlie & Mary Roberts as a means of starting the DeKalb County Community Foundation. Grantmaking from this Fund is flexible, strategic, and directed in both responsive and proactive ways to invest in communities throughout DeKalb County. Helping today…Shaping tomorrow.
James and Loretta Hipple Community Fund Donate Established in 2017 through the generosity of Jim and Loretta Hipple, this Fund provides the Community Foundation Board of Directors with additional support to use for needs and opportunities in the community. Helping today…Shaping tomorrow.
Joel and Helen Maurer Family Fund Donate This Fund reflects the Maurer family values of community and service. It adds resources to the Foundation's Board-directed grant programs, allowing them to respond to needs and opportunities throughout DeKalb County. Helping today...Shaping tomorrow.
Donor Advised
Friends of Jon Fund Donate This Fund honors Jon Wrenn, an adventurous and generous spirit who lived his best life with a traumatic brain injury. Jon taught the importance of caring for others, especially those often not seen, which inspires all to be better. The Friends of Jon Fund will ensure this spirit continues to inspire!
Lockard Family Fund Donate Created in December 2021, this Fund supports the charitable interests Jim and Kathy Lockard.
Peter L. Johnson Fund Donate This Fund was created in 2021 to honor the life and legacy of the great Pete Johnson. His love for the community and desire to help others was a true inspiration for all.
Randy and Christy Hayes Charitable Family Fund Donate This Fund was created in November 2021 and supports the charitable interests of Randy and Christy Hayes.
Field of Interest
Howard and Mildred Eychaner Fund Donate A Charitable Remainder Trust gift established this field of interest Fund to support projects related to health care and affordable housing within DeKalb Township.
The Promise Fund - El Fondo de la Promesa Donate Established by Jack & Eloise Kaeck in 2001, the purpose is this Fund is to award grants to charitable organizations that build belonging and empower people in DeKalb County who are marginalized and labeled as ‘other’.
YEP Forever Fund Donate Created in 2022, this Fund provides operational support to Youth Engaged in Philanthropy (YEP), a community initiative of the DeKalb County Community Foundation.
Operational Fund Donate Supports the operations of the DeKalb County Community Foundation.
Org-Agency desg
Beckam North Fillipp Scholarship Fund Donate The purpose of this Fund is to make a distribution to the Sycamore Education Foundation for the purpose of awarding the Beckam North Fillipp Scholarship to a graduating senior from Sycamore High School. The Fillipp family established the scholarship to honor the life of their son Beckam, who was taken too soon and loved beyond measure.
Friends of JAMS Operating Reserve Fund Donate This Fund provides unrestricted financial support to the Friends of JAMS in DeKalb County, IL, in fulfillment of their mission.
Hinckley Historical Society Endowment Fund Donate This Fund provides unrestricted financial support to the Hinckley Historical Society in DeKalb County, IL, in fulfillment of their mission.
Liam P. Sullivan Memorial Scholarship Fund Donate This Fund is a tribute to the life of Liam Sullivan and awards an annual scholarship to a graduating senior at Sycamore High School in Sycamore, IL.
Other Funds