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Fund Name
Administrative Endowment Fund
Adra W. Baker Gallagher Fund
Aikins Theatre Arts Fund
Albert Kerby and Helene Tink Endowment Fund
Alex Kelm Memorial Fund
Altrusa - Daily Chronicle Literacy Fund
Annette & Jerry Johns Future Teacher Endowed Scholarship
A. Raymond and Lois H. (Sohne) Linden Scholarship Fund
Barbara Cummings Memorial Scholarship Fund
Barbara J. Rauman Family CommunityWorks Fund
Barbara Swisher Holland ('55) & Richard C. Holland Fund
Barry Robert Totty Memorial Fund
Beatrice M. Stankus Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ben C. Eade Scholarship Fund
Ben Gordon Center Endowment Fund
Bernice and Kermit Kirkus Fund
Bernice Kendall Memorial Fund
Bertram Animal Shelter Endowment Fund
Beulah & Roberta Hackett SEF Endowment Fund
Beulah & Roberta Hackett VAC Endowment Fund
Bill and Bonnie Mullins Administrative Endowment Fund
Bill and Bonnie Mullins CommunityWorks Endowment Fund
Bill and Bonnie Mullins Family Endowment Fund
Bob and Mary Pritchard Community Leadership Fund
Bob and Pam Bowman Fund
Bobcat Scholarship Fund
Bothe Family Endowment Fund
Brett and Thomas Kubasiak Scholarship Fund
Brian D. Slavenas Memorial Endowment Fund
Cal & Helen Doty Memorial Scholarship
Caryl Steimel St. Mary's DeKalb Scholarship Fund
Charles and Mary Roberts Family Endowment Fund
Charles and Ruth Townsend Family Fund
Charles Krull Music Support Fund
Charles W. Otto Undesignated Fund
Charlie and Patty Foster Community Leadership Fund
Charter Grove Grange #1843 Fund
Children's Learning Center Fund
Christopher David Sanderson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Christopher E. Anderson Memorial Scholarship Fund
CHS Elburn Scholarship Fund
Chuck Criswell Memorial Scholarship Fund
Chulick Family Fund
Cinco de Mayo CommunityWorks Endowment Fund
Citizens for Inclusive Playgrounds Fund
Community Coordinated Child Care (4-C) Fund
Community Stewardship Fund in Memory of Charles C. Roberts
CommunityWorks Fund
CommunityWorks Leadership Endowment Fund
Cornerstone Christian Academy Endowment Fund
Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Endowment Fund
Coveny and Whalen Family Endowment Fund
Curran CommunityWorks Endowment Fund
Curran Family Endowment Fund
Curt & Karen Lang Charitable Fund
Custom Aluminum Products Charitable Fund
Daniel and Kristal Templin CommunityWorks Fund
Dave Stoddard Memorial Scholarship Fund
David E. Hall Memorial Endowment Fund
David & Nancy Wirsing Community Fund
Daycare Fund for Children
DB Paying it Forward Fund
DCCF Leadership Administrative Fund
DCCF Special Initiatives Fund
DCNP Endowment Fund
DCNP Giving Day Fund
Deborah and Colin Booth Fund
DEF Wirtz Foundation Fund
DeKalb Area Agricultural Heritage Association, Inc. Endowment Fund
DeKalb Area Women's Center Endowment Fund
DeKalb Barb Boosters Endowment Fund
DeKalb Bicentennial Fund
DeKalb County 4-H Foundation Fund
DeKalb County 4-H Scholarship Fund
DeKalb County Animal Welfare League Fund
DeKalb County Building & Development Association Endowment Fund
DeKalb County Civil War Monument Fund
DeKalb County Community Endowment Fund
DeKalb County COVID-19 Response Fund
DeKalb County Dental Society Fund
DeKalb County Disaster Recovery Fund
DeKalb County Estate Planning Council Fund
DeKalb County Excellence in Education Award Fund
DeKalb County Farmland Foundation Fund
DeKalb County Farmland Foundation Simonson Scholarship Fund
DeKalb County Forest Preserve Conservation and Environmental Education Endowment Fund
DeKalb County-Katrina Response Pass Through Fund
DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership Pass Through Fund
DeKalb County Nursing Home Foundation Endowment Fund
DeKalb County Youth Grantmakers Fund
DeKalb Education Foundation Endowment Fund
DeKalb First United Methodist Church Fund
DeKalb High School Class of '63 Scholarship Fund
DeKalb Leadership Academy Community Fund
DeKalb Municipal Band Pass Through Fund
DeKalb Park District Fund
DeKalb Public Library Endowment Fund
DeKalb Rotary Club Charitable Impact Fund
Donald and Patricia Pritchard Scholarship Fund
Donald C. Mack Scholarship Fund
Donald D. Kendall Fund
Donald & Rosemary Redmond Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donald "Tank" Anderson Memorial Fund
Doran & Rose Greif IVVC Pay It Forward Award Fund
Dr. Gordon and Joan Graham CommunityWorks Fund
Dr. Raymond Tourville Illinois Foreign Language Teacher Fund for the Future
Ed and Kim Kapper Physical Therapy Scholarship Fund
Edwin "Skinny" Riippi Memorial Scholarship Fund
Egyptian Theatre COVID-19 Relief Fund
Egyptian Theatre Endowment Fund
Egyptian Theatre Fund
Eleanor Anglin Price Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth B. Reed Fund
Ellwood House Museum Fund
Elmwood Cemetery Gates Pass Through Fund
Emergency Fund
Emma Anderson Fund
Emmette and Kathleen Land Memorial Scholarship Fund
Endowment Fund in Honor of Edna L. Nelson & Kenneth A. Johnson
E. T. and Jean B. Juday Fund
Evelyn S. Nelson Fund
Fairdale Community Fund
Farm Bureau/University Extension - DeKalb County Unit Pass Through Fund
Farny R. Wurlitzer Foundation Fund
Farny R. Wurlitzer Fund
First Midwest Bank Administrative Endowment Fund
First Midwest Charitable Impact Fund
First National Bank CommunityWorks Fund
Fizz Ehrler Automotive Technology Scholarship Fund
Floyd Flowers Family Service Agency Endowment Fund
Francis & Marjory Stroup Community Endowment Fund
Friends of the Cortland Library Fund
Gary & Joan Hanson Fund
George E. and Betty B. Dutton Undesignated Fund
Gift of Grain Pass Through Fund
Gilbert 'Gib' Seegers Science Scholarship Fund
Gina M. Delmont Memorial Scholarship Fund
Gordon and Lucy Melms Fund
Gregory B. Widerberg Memorial Scholarship Fund
Gurler Heritage Association Endowment Fund
Guyla Winebrener Oak Crest Scholarship Fund
Harland L. and Mable Orr Memorial Scholarship Fund
Harold P. Wells Scholarship Fund
Helen and Kenneth O'Kane Fund
Hope Haven Endowment Fund
Horizons Unlimited Castle Advised Fund
Howard and Martha Mullins Memorial CommunityWorks Endowment Fund
Howey-Guilinger Memorial Endowment Fund
Ibarra Family Scholarship Fund
IHSA Football Championship -- Dest. DeKalb Fund
Indian Creek Education Foundation Endowment Fund
James "Jimmy" Vaughn Scholarship Fund
James K. and Loretta M. Hipple Family Fund
James & Loretta Hipple Community Fund
James & Marjorie Lehan Family Scholarship Fund
James Richard Andrews Graduate Student Clinical Award Fund
Janet Hack Animal Welfare Endowment Fund
Janice and Steve Milner Fund
Jay and Lynn Montgomery Fund
J. Barr Designated Endowment Fund
Jeffrey A. Trail Memorial Fund
Jerome and Blanche Cerny Undesignated Fund
Jerry and Ging Smith Family Fund
Jerry & Annette Johns CommunityWorks Fund
Jerry L. Johns Literacy Clinic Endowment Fund
Jerry Smith Community Foundation Fund
Jim Dionisopoulos & Tana Knetsch Fund
Jo Ann and Robert Skabo Fund
Joe LoCascio and Mary Penson New Pennies Project Fund
John and Betty Roberts Community Foundation Administrative Fund
John D. Meier Memorial Scholarship Fund
John G. Boyle Oak Crest Scholarship Fund
John & Linda Linden Human Services Emergency Fund
Johns Family Donor Advised Fund
Joiner History Room Endowment Fund
Jolynn Wisted Rogers Memorial Scholarship Fund
Joseph and Evelyn Bussone Endowment Fund
Joseph & Elegie LoCascio Scholarship Fund
Joseph F. Glidden Homestead & Historical Center Fund
Julie Eggert Haka Memorial Scholarship Fund
Karen & Joseph Grush Charitable Fund
Karen Lee Klein CommunityWorks Endowment Fund
Karsten Larson Fund
Keith and Viella Glidden Scholarship Fund
Keleher Family Endowment Fund
Keleher Family Scholarship Fund
Kevin Ballantine Music Scholarship Fund
Kishwaukee College Horticulture Fund
Kishwaukee Family YMCA Endowment Fund
Kishwaukee Kiwanis Club Community Leadership Fund
Kishwaukee Kiwanis Club CommunityWorks Endowment Fund
Kishwaukee Sunrise Rotary Charitable Impact Fund
Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra Endowment Fund
Kishwaukee United Way Endowment Fund
Kiwanis Club of DeKalb Impact Fund
Kiwanis Club of DeKalb Scholarship Fund
Kiwanis Club of Kishwaukee-DeKalb Charitable Impact Fund
Laing Family Charitable Fund
Lana and Michael Haines CommunityWorks Endowment Fund
Landon & Colleen Faivre Family Charitable Fund
Larry and Sue Kendzora Fund
Larson Family Fund
Lillian S. Boynton Library Book Endowment Fund
Lillian S. Boynton Memorial Fund
Lil' Sam Joy Fund
Lois L. Callahan Fund
Luan and Greg Olson Scholarship Fund
Lucille and Darryl Strack Scholarship Fund
Madeline Middleton Scholarship Fund
Malta Community Endowment Fund
Malta Lions Club Scholarship Fund
Marian Elliott Scholarship Fund
Marian Elliott SEF Sycamore High School Fund
Marjorie and Clifford Danielson Fund
Marjorie A. Nelsen Fund
Martenson Family Scholarship Fund
Martha W. Shur Scholarship Fund
Marvin and Gladys Bridger Scholarship Fund
Marybeth O'Brien McGill Scholarship Fund
Mary Lou and Phil Eubanks Fund
Mary Uscian Health Care Access Endowment Fund
Mary Uscian Health Care Impact Fund
Michael C. Brown Memorial Endowment Fund
Michael Heimerdinger Scholarship Fund
Michelle Jouris Memorial Scholarship Fund
Midwest Museum of Natural History Endowment Fund
Milo and Elizabeth George Fund
M. Joan Popp Women's Empowerment Fund for DAWC
Nancy D. Castle Charitable Fund
Nancy D. Castle CommunityWorks Fund
NIU-Hillel Fund
Northern Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine CommunityWorks Fund
Northern Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine DCCF Administrative Fund
North Grove School Preservation Fund in Memory of Kenneth Marsh
Oak Crest Good Samaritan Endowment Fund
Open Door Founder's Fund
Operational Fund
Opportunity House Endowment Fund
Palmer Family Music Education Scholarship Fund
Pat Humo Nursing Fund
Patricia Woodstrup Memorial Scholarship Fund
RAMP Endowment Fund
Randy Johnson Scholarship Fund
Raymond Larsen Donor Advised Fund
Rebecca "Becky" Parker Fund
Renaissance Education Scholarship Fund
Rhoda Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Richard and Carol Ubl Fund
Richard & Cecilia Seip Scholarship Fund
Robert and Mary Krupp St. Mary School Arts and Cultural Fund
Robert and Mary Pritchard CommunityWorks Endowment Fund
Robert and Norma Wildenradt Community Leadership Fund
Robert and Phyllis Miller Family Fund
Rodney A. and Dorothy Thiele Wright Fund
Ronald and Karen Klein Endowment Fund for Libraries
Ronald G. Klein Community Fund
Ron and Nancy Proesel Fund
Rowland and Lucile Matteson Conservation & Wildlife Fund
Rowland and Lucile Matteson DeKalb High School Scholarship Fund
Rowland and Lucile Matteson Elderly Assistance Fund
Rowland and Lucile Matteson Kishwaukee College Fund
Roy W. "Smitty" & Cora E. "Cody" Smith Football Scholarship Fund
Ryan Family Education Fund for St. Mary School DeKalb
Safe Passage Angels Endowment Fund
Sandwich Fair Association Endowment Fund
Sandwich Fair Association Fund
Schelkopf Family Fund
Sharon Kay (Kinczewski) Conlin Memorial Fund
Sharon L. Rosenow Memorial Scholarship Fund
Sheldon & Betty Kesner Scholarship Fund
Soil & Water Conservation Fund
Somonauk Education Foundation Endowment Fund
Spinoso Masters Scholarship Fund
Stage Coach Players Fund
Stephen R. and Betty L. Brown Endowment Fund
Steve and Pat Faivre CommunityWorks Endowment Fund
Steven G. Anderson Community Fund
Steven Streb Memorial Scholarship Fund
Sundly Family Scholarship Fund
Suter Family Scholarship Fund
Sycamore Education Foundation Endowment Fund
Sycamore Fire Preservation Company, Ltd. Fund
Sycamore Grove - A Tribute to Veterans Fund
Sycamore History Fund
Sycamore Lions Charities Jack Shrout Fund
Sycamore Masonic Lodge Scholarship Fund
Sycamore Park District Action 20/20 Fund
Sycamore Park District Endowment Fund
Sycamore Public Library Community Fund
Sycamore Rotary Club Charitable Impact Fund
Sycamore Sports Boosters Endowment Fund
Sycamore Train Depot Pass Through Fund
Tails Humane Society Endowment Fund
Tails Humane Society Fund
Templin Family Fund
Terry and Sherrie Martin Scholarship Fund
The Growing Place, Inc. Endowment Fund
The Promise Fund el Fondo de la Promesa Fund
The September 11 Fund
Thomas R. Rauman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Thomas Warren & Friends Fund
Tim Dunlop Administrative Endowment Fund
Todd and Christine Curtis Family Fund
Tom and Barbara Hulseberg Fund
Tony & Micki Chulick Community Leadership Fund
Tony & Micki Chulick CommunityWorks Fund
Turner Family Charitable Fund
Vera John Endowment Fund
Victor F. Barresi Memorial Fund
Virginia Larsen Fund
Voluntary Action Center Endowment Fund
Wally "Mr. Pumpkin" Thurow Scholarship Fund
Walter E. Hauswald Science Education Endowment Fund
Wayne McIlrath Family Scholarship Fund
W. Bruce Lincoln Memorial Fund
Wiegele Family Early Childhood Literacy Fund
William G. Schinske Memorial Scholarship Fund
William H. & Mary M. Awalt CommunityWorks Fund
YEP Program Activities Fund